Deer Park Forest is a hidden abundance of nature

It is no secret that Cape Town offers vast natural beauty for locals, visitors and animals to enjoy. Deer Park is in the centre of Cape Town and the nature reserve is a fantastic way to keep fit or just having a picnic with family and friends. It is also popular among walkers, runners, mountain bike riders and dog walkers.

The forest is a delight for dogs as it has a small dam for them to swim in on those hot summer days, as well as many trails leading up the mountain. This can also be your starting point for a hike up Table Mountain or Devil’s Peak.

Deer Park Hike Details




Single rocky track, steps, ladders and steep sections.

How to find Deer Park

Deer Park Entrance

Find the main entrance at the top of Deer Park Road.

  • Park your car as you enter Deer Park to your right.
  • From there you will see numerous notice boards for directions
  • Water– Take at least 2L with you.
  • Snacks – Fill your backpack with snacks and water especially if you want to have a picnic and enjoy the city view.
  • Hiking Shoes – Wear hiking boots or trainers with good grip as there is a bit of climbing and few steep paths.
  • Hat and Sunblock – The majority of the route is exposed to sun. Try to start the hike early to avoid the midday sun.
  • Camera or Smartphone – The scenery, flowers and city views are incredible so definitely worth it to capture the moments.
  • Mountain Bike – There is a popular mountain bike trail.
  • This trail is easy and therefore children below the age of 12 can do it.
  • The trail is pet-friendly.
  • Don’t go alone – Try to get a group of 3+ together.
  • If threatened, do not resist.
  • Table Mountain National Park: 0861 106 417
  • SAPS: 10111